Lifestyle Food is an online magazine that guides people on how to live a sustainable lifestyle through blogs and articles dedicated to the eco-conscious ways of sustainable fashion, clean beauty, eco-travel & a green lifestyle.

Lifestyle Food is best known for reliable resources of sustainable brands, creative professionals, and consumers who want to learn about sustainable lifestyles and connect with other sustainable creators.


“We help people to live a sustainable lifestyle.”

Our story

About Lifestyle Food Magazine – We are Asia’s FIRST ever e-publication dedicated to sustainable living.

We’re a bimonthly digital publication based in Malaysia and India, dedicated to highlighting stories of success stories of sustainable brands and belief in natural living.

We inspire our readers through articles dedicated to food, eco-friendly lifestyle, ethical fashion, health and beauty, social entrepreneurs, diversity, eco-travel, and more. It caters to individuals who have a strong interest in personal health and wellness combined with deep concern about social and environmental issues. Each discussion, be it dynamic or innovative, would be about raising awareness of ecological principles, challenges, and benefits of good sustainable living. Each issue is published to convey hope and empower you to live a better, more meaningful, and authentic life.

In this fast-paced world, we feature slow and timeless content – so that you can find joy in each issue for many years to come.


Lifestyle Food donates a percentage of its annual profits to environmental charities.

Full disclosure: we use affiliate links on many posts on this site. That doesn’t mean brands have paid us to do so; we only feature brands we genuinely love.



Pooja Siddhartha Mishra

Food technologist / Entrepreneur / Practice sustainable lifestyle

Pooja consolidates her knowledge of food and conscious living to create magazine lifestyle food. With her awareness for details and passion for healthy food and sustainable living, she’s dedicated to providing a platform to support, shares and promote stories of people doing good in the work.

Maneesha Ashutosh

Managing Editor

Sagar Vasoya

Graphic Head

Akshay Shirsath

Web Manager

Advisory Committee

Kavita Muktidoot Kowshik

Founder Mai Maitreya

Dr. LeeAnn Teal Rutkovsky

Teal Group

Sustainable Fashion Consultancy

Nafsika Antypas

Conscious TV Host

PlanT Based Transition Expert

Sunny Gandara

Wine Director At Vegan Wines

Norani Abu Bakar

Asia Director for PFMR


Manmeet Kaur, Garima Tiwari, Vani Venugopalan, Sweta Sharma, Anamika Modi, Shweta Poddar, Shivani Shukla, Bhavna Dubey, Meenakshi Lal