LOHAS, or Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability, is a type of conscious consumer who subscribes to a way of life that positively impacts health and environment. The inspired group of LOHAS focuses on education and building a community on sustainable lifestyles for individuals and societies, like:



-healthy Living: It comprises of a wide variety of health and fitness pursuits such as organic foods, natural products, nutritional supplements, and also actively seeks out integrative healthcare practices.

-personal Development: They have a strong interest in perceiving the connection between physical and mental health, including investigations of mind-body-emotion-spirit connections, self-help, leadership and life-balance topics. They are likely to take yoga, meditation and tai chi classes. They like to seek out new experiences and learning.

-ecological Lifestyles: They tend to adopt recycling, green building, ecotourism and all kinds of eco-friendly products as they perceive their own health and the health of planet as inherently tied.

-sustainable Economy: They like to encourage fair, ethical and sustainable business practices- from renewable energy sources and socially responsible investment in fair-trade principles. They prefer doing business with companies that share their values.


They are considered forerunners of the green movement.