What our readers are saying

Janeen Swing

It thrills me.  My husband Paul Obis died 4 months ago and started and published Vegetarian Times.  Right now, I am going through all of them and going to donate to Brown University the magazines.  Your magazine feels like a tribute to him.  It is a wonderful and meaningful magazine that you have created. Godspeed and Thank you,

Monika Wilczack

In our days adopting sustainable lifestyle is very important. We need to start to take care of our planet, our place where we live! For me being a vegan is very important. You can try do it for 30 days and You will see that You will feel better with your body but also you will feel better as a human - that you are not taking part in cruelty anymore.

Helen Farr Leander

We all have to adopt a buy less, buy well mentality, eat less meat, buy from ethical brands and wear sustainable fabrics. You can have an impact with every choice you make and it is a fantastic feeling & Lifestyle and Food magazine a great resource for anyone looking to live more sustainably.

Kay Risidi

Becoming vegan is the best thing I have ever done. It's a lifestyle choice which not only helps the environment and animals but there are also great health benefits too. If you love to know about  healthy lifestyle ,Lifestyle Food magazine is for you.

HRH Princess Maja von Hohenzollern

The Lifestyle Food Magazine is a good read, as it offers interesting information on sustainable lifestyle and it helps to improve a healthy lifestyle. The magazine is trendy and inspires its readers with reports about food, fashion and a Eco-friendly lifestyle.

Helene Arvidsson

Our planet needs magazines like Lifestyle food and the people behind it. It is so important to educate and inspire people to live healthy and sustainably so that our children can enjoy our planet as much as previous generations have

Tulsi Kumar

‘’Supporting a social cause that’s close to your heart or resonates with your values will  give you a deeper sense of satisfaction’’

– Evelyn Sharma

“I think to be a true fashionista doesn’t mean being a mannequin for the latest trends, but rather to be able to pair what you already have in new exciting ways"

– Aarti Chabria

“It’s our responsibility as humans beings on earth to take care of our environment, as much as we take care of our own bodies.”

– Tanishaa Mukherji

Awareness and education is key to conscious living.

– Shamita Shetty

Just Not only think of yourself , let's contribute, act for  kindness, make small changes in lifestyles and being a responsible part of the society.

– Bhagyashree

Water shortage will become a huge issue soon if we don’t take it up consciously. Small efforts of saving water in our everyday usage will go a long way.

– Vidya Malvade

To change the world, you have to change yourself first.

– Milind Soman

Sustainability for me means leaving the world a little better than we found it. Can we leave it better for the future generations to come?